“Staging "Glitz!," Bernardi brings fresh vigor and excitement to this tale of stage mothers and their limelight craving spawn. All that drive, all that pulse and all that radioactive showbiz twistedness is acerbically channeled by Bernardi who lets his production breathe, scorch and fly with overwhelming vitality, bite and truism….The exactness Bernardi gives "Glitz!" is remarkable.”


"CRT's production, under the direction of Bert Bernardi, is as warm and fuzzy as its source material" - Bryan Van Campen, Ithaca Times

"Perhaps the best performance I've seen at CRT in a while. Truly spectacular" - C. S. F.

THE FOX ON THE FAIRWAY / Cortland Repertory Theatre

“Fraught with more kinetic energy than a middle school gym class, this show dazzles the eyeballs as characters move (often run) on and off stage quicker than the echoes of slamming doors -Tony Curulla,

"Bert Bernardi cracks the whip and keeps the cast caroming along at frantic speed." -James Mackillop, Syracuse New

Always A Bridesmaid / Cortland Repertory Theatre

“Under Bert Bernardi's direction, the actors do a wonderful job of creating real-seeming characters who arouse our admiration and sympathy.” - Neil Novelli,

NOMINATED! BEST PLAY Syracuse Area Live Theatre Award 2016

The Addams Family / Theater Barn

"It’s another terrific Bert Bernardi musical at the Theater Barn. People in this area look forward to the annual return of Bernardi who has developed a reputation for finding hidden gems and making them into breathtaking productions. It is among the best work I have ever seen from Bernardi." - Larry Murray, Berkshire On Stage

"Theater Barn in New Lebanon is ending their summer season with The Addams Family, a terrific musical that is given a fine production. Better yet, they have brought in their go-to-director Bert Bernardi to guide a talented group of performers in this surprisingly smart version of the material." - Bob Goepfert, Troy Record

NOMINATED! BEST DIRECTOR Syracuse Area Live Theatre Award 2016

All Shook Up / Cortland Repertory Theatre

All Shook Up is very funny and gets deft, skilled handling from director Bert Bernardi." - Neil Novelli, Syracuse Post Standard

"Under the practiced hand of Bert Bernardi, one of Cortland Rep’s best directors, All Shook Up delivers plenty of bang-for-the-buck 1950s-era rock garnished with zesty laughter." - James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times

Young Frankenstein / Theater Barn

"Bernardi is an old-hand at putting on the ritziest productions...A fine director who makes the show's least credible moments so highly believable. A splendid, astoundingly good, evening of theatre." - Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

"Director Bernardi makes excellent use of every inch of the set and scenes melt into scenes effortlessly
and convincingly" - Gail Burns, Berkshire On Stage

"Bernardi keeps the production flowing as he finds something worth enjoying in every scene. He gets strong focused performances from every member of his large cast and makes the big show look comfortable on the small stage."- Bob Goepfert, Troy Record

"Director Bernardi embraces the comic core and the sketch-like structure of the play and uses wit to retain the comic focus. The production embraces the value of creativity over big budgets." - Jonathan Levine, Pittsfield Gazete

The Taffetas / Theater Barn

"Bernardi, who has a keen feel for this kind of material, directs with a finely tuned, whimsical but also respectful touch. Not until the finale does he let his imp loose. It is just the right move at just the right time." - Jeff Borak, Berkshire Eagle

The Full Monty / Cortland Repertory Theatre

"...the production unveils a surprising warmth at the show's core. Bert Bernardi stages things crisply and simply"
- Len Fonte, Post-Standard

"Superbly staged by director Bert Bernardi" - Syracuse New Times

The Mystery of Irma Vep / Cortland Repertory Theatre

"Under Bert Bernardi's direction, two skilled actors delighted the audience with stunning quick changes and even more stunning character changes along with split second timing" - Neil Novelli, Post-Standard

The Great American Trailer Park Musical / Theatre Barn

"Bernardi smartly guides his cast to show the hidden heart within each character." - Bob Goepfert,Troy Record

"Bernardi's choices in casting and staging are superb. He has made a silly piece of fluff work with strength and conviction. He truly gets this show--it's just right." - Peter Bergman, Edge Boston

"Director Bert Bernardi has a way with the offbeat "style" musical. Count "Urinetown" and last season's absolute charmer, "The Drowsy Chaperone," among his notable successes at The Theater Barn. He's back this summer with "The Great American Trailer Park Musical," lesser known but a pure delight nonetheless." - Jeff Borak, Berkshire Eagle

The Little Dog Laughed / Theatre Barn

"Bernardi finds a satisfying balance between comedy, sensitivity and thoughtfulness" - Bob Goepfert, Troy Record

"Not to be missed!" - Matthew Moross, The Daily Gazette

Grease / Cortland Repertory Theatre

"Cortland Rep has brought in some of his strongest people to stage "Grease", starting with eight-year veteran director Bert Bernardi. Fast pace and physical wit are his hallmarks. Grease may not have been conceived as a Broadway musical, but under Bernardi’s hands, it behaves like one." - James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times

The Drowsy Chaperone / Theatre Barn, Summer

"Bernardi's affection for theatre and musicals is particularly in evidence. He adds touches but lets the material sell itself"- Jonathan Levine, Pittsfield Gazette

"Bernardi turns in one of his finest combinations as director and stager"-J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

"This is Bert Bernardi and The Theater Barn at their very best, in a show that really and truly is fun for the whole family. "-Gail Sez

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat / Cortland Repertory Theatre

"Cortland Repertory Theatre's production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" is the kind of jubilant, high-spirited entertainment that grabs hold of you and doesn't let go. It's one of Cortland Rep's best productions ever, with brilliant direction by Bert Bernardi" - Neil Novelli, Syracuse Post Standard

The Andrews Brothers /Cortland Repertory Theatre

"All that energy and gee-whiz sentiment are key to Bernardi’s ability to capture the nostalgia of the forties. He isn’t after the actual tone of the times – there was a brutal world war raging – he is after what the country wanted and needed. And he finds it and delivers." - CNY Theatre News

"I don't know how director-choreographer Bert Bernardi and his talented cast do it, but the slapstick that accompanies the songs is endlessly inventive and based on the characters." -Neil Novelli, Syracuse Post-Standard

"Bert Bernardi, knows that a slapstick farce must be as precisely timed as a ballet. More importantly, he heightens each character’s shtick so we always know which laugh goes where." -James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times

Altar Boyz / Theatre Barn

"The boys give out so much energy its impossible not to have a good time. The staging by Bert Bernardi made clever use of the space and kept the energy tightly in focus" - Larry Murphy, Berkshire On Stage

Zanna, Don't!  / Theater Barn

"Bernardi's production is spirited and stylish. His cast performs with engaging buoyance, pushing the show to a stylistic limit that is both serious and at times, able to make fun of admirable and appealing production under the knowing direction of Bernardi" - Jeff Borak, Berkshire Eagle

"This is one of the best musicals this season. Bernardi, a man with a proven flair for staging off-beat musicals has assembled the perfect cast of talented young performers blessed with boundless energy and keeps them moving constantly." - Gail Burns,

"Bernardi's direction keeps everyone moving almost all the time...his work is examplary" -Peter Bergman, Edge Boston

"The don't in "Zanna Don't stands for "don't miss it."Director-Choreographer Bert Bernardi presents the material in a clever, fast-paced manner." -Bob Goepfert, Troy Record

Johnny Guitar / Cortland Repertory Theatre

"Under the direction of Bert Bernardi this musical send up is a hoot from start to finish. Bernardi picks apart the style of the original with pinpoint accuracy and exaggerates the source material to tremendous comic effect." - CNY Theatre News 8/22/08

"Delightfully Silly! Deliciously conceived and acted send-up of 1950s Westerns. Directed and choreographed by Cortland Rep veteran Bert Bernardi and played by a jim-dandy company." - Len Fonte, Syracuse New Times

"Director Bert Bernardi keeps it fresh, surprising and above all funny. This is probably the strongest performing ensemble I have seen anywhere in the area this year." - Neil Novelli, Syracuse Post-Standard

The Musical of Musicals / TheatER Barn

"...Director Bert Bernardi leads an amiable cast through the zaniness. Bernardi knows and appreciates musicals, allowing him to poke fun at the signature styles of singing, dancing and acting. Bernardi also embraces the cheekiness the material demands." -Jonathan Levine, Pittsfield Gazette

"Each performer sings well, but this show is not about singing - it's about style and director Bert Bernardi is an expert with the spoof genre. Not only does he catch the idiosyncrasies of the shows, he also understands the individual performance styles of each work - and he nails them. Also integral to the success of the work is the way Bernardi mimics the dance flourishes of famed choreographers like Bob Fosse, Hal Prince and Agnes DeMille." --Bob Goepfert, Troy Record

"...This show’s foursome is marvelously directed by Bert Bernardi who knows how to parody the work he has been doing for years...Bernardi keeps this show moving and his actors keep grimacing, grinning and glowing with graceful glee as they play every cliche for its full value, every witticism for its impact and every style the memory can muster for more than mere merriment." --J. Peter Bergman, Chatham Courier

"If you are a fan of the American musical theatre over the last 50-75 years, you will just LOVE “The Musical of Musicals: The Musical,” a 2003 off-Broadway hit being given the perfect production at the Theater Barn. It is roll-on-the-floor funny...... Director Bert Bernardi, who I assume also did the choreography, knows exactly what he’s doing". --Gail Sez

The Great American Trailer Park Musical / Cortland Repertory Theatre

"Director/Choreographer Bernardi excels at getting the greatest laughs from the material, and his choreography is
simple and stylish."-Chuck Klaus, Syracuse Post-Standard

"Director-choreographer Bert Bernardi hones sharp timing throughout and never allows a line to misfire." -James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times

"Bernardi directs and choreographs the mayhem with perverse delight, each outrageous and cheesy song or stage device topping the last." -Barbara Adams, Ithaca Times

Johnny Guitar / Theatre Barn

"Best of the Berkshires Theatre Recap 2007!"

"Perhaps the biggest surprise was a delightfully guilty pleasure, the inventively staged evening of camp, "Johnny Guitar, the Musical."-- Jonathan Levine, The Pittsfield Gazette

"Bert Bernardi has a way with quirky, offbeat material. Under Bernardi’s savvy direction, the youthful Theater Barn cast work the show’s tongue-in-cheek style to its limits, and then some.“Johnny Guitar: The Musical” knows what it’s about. So does Bernardi."
--Jeff Borak, Berkshire Eagle

"Bernardi orchestrates a fast-paced blast of self-aware nostalgia...he keeps his principals on target and...creates a light, off-beat tone" - Jonathan Levine, Pittsfield Gazette

"Bert Bernardi, directing this delicate musical send-up, has established the style of the piece and maintained it perfectly right to the final moments. Without that sort of control the piece could easily have been banal and just odd, but under his fine direction it turns into a stylized, comedic masterpiece. Bernardi has a way of making the peculiar palatable and he was clearly the best choice for this company’s first musical of the season." - J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

"Bernardi does a wonderful job with his performers. There are wide eyes, heavy breathing and sensual pauses galore--but throughout the work there is a discipline that this cast knows the art form. Bernardi is great at adding looks, gestures and attidudes that add to the fun" - Bob Gephart, Troy Record

Urinetown / Theatre Barn

"When everything works to perfection, as it does in this musical, you know a strong, imaginative director such as Bert Bernardi is at work" - Bob Goepfert, Troy Record

"URINETOWN is the hit of the Berkshire summer season! Director Bert Bernardi maybe have been born to direct this play. He seems to have fined-tuned it perfectly...His deft parodies of Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse are perfectly attuned to the theme and his superb cast. In just two weeks rehearsal, it oped a picture-perfect and rapturous show with precise momement, note-perfect singing and deeply felt perfect characterizations. Buy, steal or beg a ticket to the best show in the region this summer"
- J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

"URINETOWN's tounge-in-cheek mamer is tricky but director Bert Bernardi and a very likable and talented cast get it. His choreography respects the intimacy of the small space without being intimidated by it....smooth, expert direction and choreogrphy by Bernardi" -Jeff Borak, Berkshire Eagle

"Under Bert Bernardi's deft direction and terrifically talented cast, URINETOWN is the must-see musical of the season."
- Gail Burns, Chatham Courier

"Bernardi fills the tiny stage with action...the acting compay is among the deepest the Barn has hosted in recent years. The director plays to his company's strengths and pushes his cast to ensure that they, and the audience, revel in the show's wacky spirit"
- Jonathan Levine, Pittsfield Gazette

"Bernardi makes URINETOWN crackle, assembling an energetic cast who tackles the zaniness head on"
- Michael Eck, Albany Times Union

"Whiz-Bang direction from Bert Bernardi" - Paul Lamar, Schenectady Gazette

"URINETOWN is briskly directed by Bert Bernardi. The slick pacing is of hurricane velocity...a to-be-praised seamless production." - Charles Kondek, The Independent

Annie Get Your Gun / Cortland Repertory Theatre

"This is a very good production with outstanding performances from the leads, the supporting players and terrific chorus. Bert Bernardi does fine work staging the play and keeping it sharp" -Tom Woods, Central New York Theatre News

"Bull's-eye! Cortland Repertory Theatre's "Annie Get Your Gun" is right on target! -Paul Hansom, Ithaca Time

Over the River and Through the Woods / Cortland Repertory Theatre

"Under Bert Bernardi's brilliant direction, six fine actors bring out the play's latent power, filling it with zest and fire, and walking a fine line between comedy and poignancy" --Neil Novelli, Syracuse Post Standard

"Under the watchful eye of Bert Bernardi, there's an appropriately comic opera flavor to the production. Bernardi understands that the trick with a show like this is to keep up the breakneck pace while revealing the humanity of the characters behind the mounds of lasagna and cannoli."--Len Fonte, Syracuse New Times

Nine / TheatreWorks New Milford

"Director Bert Bernardi applies his flair for comedy to the play's deep-rooted darkness. The result is a darkness seeping through laughter as the play nods dramatically to Fellini" --Joanne Greco Rochman, Waterbury Republican

"Directed with flare by Bert Bernardi, NINE is rich, lyrical, exciting and haunting"--Fran Sikorski, Ridgefield Press

The Rocky Horror Show / Downtown Cabaret Theatre

“The ingenuousness of Rocky Horror is neatly captured by director Bert Bernardi who, perhaps not so incidentally has staged more than a dozen shows for Downtown Cabaret’s Children’s Company. In an inventive directorial stroke, the show starts with on-screen credits.” -Alvin Klein, New York Times

A Day in Hollywood A Night in the Ukraine/ Boston Post Road Stage Company

“Director Bert Bernardi has found the giddiness of both the era and the Marx Brothers and put it all on stage with joyous flare. He has displayed both the play and the performers to their best advantage. Staged in a playing area no bigger than a cereal box, Bernardi has provided enough snap, crackle and pop for a truckload of breakfast cearal.” -David Lampe Wilson, Fairfield Advocate

Olympus on My Mind

"The credit is due to director Bert Bernardi who moves the evening along with mercurial swiftness, bringing his audience in quickly on the play’s conciets. He has squeezed a 41-hour day in the lives of disparate citizens of ancient Thebes onto a postage stamp stage, but the action never once trips over itself..." -David Lampe Wilson, Fairfield Advocate

"Bernardi’s production shows a flair for farce and for feeling. It cuts right to the heart of the peice and for all its satirical targets--at the end, the show has heart and sweetly romantic soul... In Mr. Bernardi’s production,having a scene of balance and restraint, does not allow nonsense. Indeed the only nonsense here is perscribed by the script and Mr. Bernardi keeps that suspended, seeing that it alights somewhere between heaven and earth."-Alvin Klein, New York Times

Have A Nice Day

"Bernardi has expertly cast Have A Nice Day...a brilliantly costumed and coiffed production that has been crafted for the Theater Barn. Good things really do come in small packages."-Jeff Borak, Berkshire Eagle

Zombie Prom

"One thing that has not changed in Bert Bernardi’s first season as artistic director at the Theater Barn is his ability to surprise you. Zombie Prom is one of those serendipitous treats that catches you completely unaware and leave you feeling pretty good about that day, if not life. Bernardi has directed this with a shrewd balance, respect for the theater’s style and traditions and a complete abscense of pretense...its very smart fun!" -Jeff Borak, Berkshire Eagle

"Director Bert Bernardi makes Zombie Prom a winner. Its filled with great staging and sight jokes which take the script from absurdity to a wittin sarcastic look at the nuclear fifties." -Michael Menshing, Chatham Courier


"Director/Choreographer Bert Bernardi's production is particularly effective at capturing the camaraderie that binds the show’s central characters together. Bernardi’s musical staging is smartly conceived and stylishly executed." -Jeff Borak, Berkshire Eagle