What's new? Here's a few things Bert is working on right now:

The Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce recognized Pantochino Productions, Jimmy Johansmeyer and myself with the Cultural Contribution Award of Distinction. We are thrilled with this honor!

“Waffle House Five” I had this project on the back burner for over ten years and am thrilled to have been able to bring this story to life as a musical. The reaction for audiences has been just wonderful! I hope there’s more life for this funny and touching little skit.

Cry-Baby” I fell in love with this musical instantly. Saw it on Broadway quite a few times and am thrilled to get to bring this to my Teen Theatre program in August 2019. #babybabybaby

“The Wicked Witch of the West Kansas or Bust” is getting it’s international debut this summer—in Canada! I’m also bringing the show back to Milford as part of Pantochino’s 2019/20 season. I can’t wait to work on this show again. I remember how the room shook with laughter from the audiences who saw its debut performances.